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High Precision Voltmeter (HPVM)

High Precision Voltmeter (HPVM)

Voltage is the lifeblood of your audio system; your amplifier converts energy into physical motion to create sound. Low voltage creates heat, stresses components, limits output, and can affect sound quality.  Ensure you're running the best tool to achieve the best sound possible.

The HPVM is a high-precision wireless graphing voltmeter with 99.99% accuracy / up to 3 decimal places of precision (e.g., 15.234v). It is physically overbuilt with a solid aluminum case, high-density/temperature internal supports, and gold-plated ENIG PCB to survive the loudest and most violent builds.  

Onboard AuralSync™ technology lets you connect the voltmeter to your smartphone, our AuralSync Companion Smartwatch, and other LF Audio AuralSync™ enabled devices.

For instructions on connecting your HPVM, updating firmware, using the app, and more, please see our getting started page.


HPVM-12 HPVM-24 HPVM-440
Supply Voltage 3v-18v 3v-18v 3v-18v

Voltage Measurement Range

1v-18v 1v-36v 1v-440v
Accuracy 99.99% accurate (+/- 0.002v) 99.99% accurate (+/- 0.0036v) 99.99% accurate (+/- 0.05v)
Precision 1mV - 3 decimal places (e.g. 15.234v) 2mV - 3 decimal places (e.g. 15.234v) 27 mV - 2 decimal places (eg. 396.13v)
Display 1.3" diagonal TFT HD IPS LCD - 240x240 pixels /  65k color
Visual Refresh rate 30 FPS
Size 40mm x 73mm x 26mm -1.6" x 2.87" x 1"
Settings Use our LF Audio smartphone app or AuralSync Companion smartwatch to change settings on the unit.
Over The Air (OTA) firmware updates

Use our LF Audio smartphone app to check for and apply firmware updates

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