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(HPVM) High Precision Voltmeter

(HPVM) High Precision Voltmeter

Meet the HPVM (High Precision Voltmeter) - the most precise, fastest sampling, smart wireless graphing voltmeter designed for both automotive and car audio enthusiasts.

Voltage, whether you're using it to create a spark to create combustion, inverting it to drive an electric motor, or pushing it into your amplifier to move a speaker cone to create sound, is critical in your car. Low voltage creates heat, stresses components, limits output, can affect sound quality, and even leave you stranded (if you don't have enough of it).  Make sure your voltage is always on point with the best tool for the job!

The HPVM is a high-precision wireless graphing voltmeter with 99.99% accuracy / up to 3 decimal places of precision (e.g., 15.234v), and can monitor up to 2 individual voltage points! See the voltage sag between your alternator, front battery, lithium bank, and/or your amp to ensure your electrical resistance is dialed in and on point!

It is physically overbuilt with a solid aluminum case, high-density/temperature internal supports, and gold-plated ENIG PCB to survive the loudest and most violent builds.  

Onboard AuralSync™ technology lets you connect the voltmeter to your smartphone, our AuralSync Companion Smartwatch, and other LF Audio AuralSync™ enabled devices.

The devices features 10 different customizable gauge faces, customizable voltage ranges, optional min/max voltage hold, and even a deep sleep mode!

In deep sleep mode, the device enters, w hen the meter detects that your car has gone to sleep (voltage is slowly dropping, no transients, etc...) it will enter a very low power mode.

During normal operation, the meter consumes roughly 460mW of power. During deep sleep mode, the meter only consumes 167mW of power.

This means that on a normal 100ah 12v agm battery, the unit would drain the battery in 7059 hours, or 294 days.

Once the unit detects a spike in voltage, it will return to normal full-speed operation. The unit will display how much battery drain occurred while it was in low power mode and will also show a bright red warning if the voltage drop was substantial indicating an unhealthy battery or abnormal vampire load.

For instructions on connecting your HPVM, updating firmware, using the app, and more, please see our getting started page.

CUSTOM CASE COLORS AND GRAPHICS - Please order through our customization partner, EM Audio, for custom case colors, graphics, laser etching, and more!


Supply Voltage 4v-18v
Individual Voltage Monitoring Points 2

Voltage Measurement Range

Accuracy 99.99% accurate (+/- 0.002v)
Precision 1mV - 3 decimal places (e.g. 15.234v)
Sample Rate 330 samples per second per channel, 660 maximum SPS in dual channel
Display 1.3" diagonal TFT HD IPS LCD - 240x240 pixels /  65k color
Visual Refresh rate 33 FPS
Size 40mm x 73mm x 26mm
1.6" x 2.87" x 1"
Weight 2.3oz
Power Consumption ~460mW full power mode
~167mW in deep sleep move
Settings Use our LF Audio AuralSync smartphone app or AuralSync Companion smartwatch to change settings on the unit.
Over The Air (OTA) firmware updates

Use our LF Audio AuralSync™ smartphone app to check for and apply firmware updates


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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Marcos Calderon (Los Angeles, United States)
Best meter in the game!

Love my meter. Very accurate!

Jamie Lesperance (Midland, Canada)
Best on market

I will never be able to use any other meter ever again I thought I was charging at a higher voltage then I am I also thought I was dropping to a lower voltage then I am by almost a full volt so the accuracy and speed are amazing and his other products coming are true game changers

B.M. (Montreal, Canada)
Quality VM

This volt meter is incredibly accurate. There's so many functions on the app to make the meter even cooler! I highly recommend this item if you care about your audio equipment and batterys. Very simple to install instructions are pretty straightforward

B.M. (Montreal, Canada)
Best quality volt meter!

This meter is so precise its incredible! There's many setting on the app that I yet have to learn , the install instructions are on point and very easy!


Installed easily with 4 simple connections. Can monitor on my iPad Pro using Stage Manager to have up multiple screens (Music, GPS and LF-Audio) … It is important for new installers to consider where you are making your connections and adjusting the HPVM drift settings to match your multimeter for accuracy. Cant wait for the other pre-orders!!! - Phi Mobile Sounds

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