Getting Started - HPVM


To connect to the HPVM from your phone or tablet, please download the LF Audio Aural Sync app by following the directions here.


  • Connect the 12v leftmost pin to a 12v source. Please note, the unit will read the voltage on this pin as the primary voltage measurement channel. 
  • Connect the rem lead to a remote signal (DSP, Radio, etc...)
  • Connect the ground to chassis ground
  • Optionally connect the third pin to a secondary voltage measurement source (for example, your amplifier 12v input if you are running secondary batteries for the amp). If connected, this will be displayed on the unit as a secondary measurement channel. 

App Pairing

Early devices had the PIN laser etched on the back of the case, Firmware 1.4 and above displays the pin if the unit is restarted within 1 second of powerup.

Firmware 1.4 pin instructions


OTA Firmware Update