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Wireless Volume Controller (WVC)

Wireless Volume Controller (WVC)

The wireless volume controller is our standard volume attenuation and data telemetry solution for serious bassheads!

A "wireless bass knob", voltmeter, and temperature meter all-in-one runs over a custom protocol on the 2.4ghz band (with dedicated 20.5dBm transmitter and 6dBi omnidirectional antenna) to give you long-range mission-critical style control over the volume of your system. The remote out line allows you to use the built in safety features to automatically turn off your amplifier if the voltage drops too low or the amp gets too hot. 

You no longer have to endure the brunt of your monstrous ear shattering system while giving demos. Simply step outside of your cabin and control your volume with this wireless knob!

For even more data telemetry, check out our WSC (wireless system controller).

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